Progressive Delivery

Managing multipage (single-spaced orders with more than 10 pages and double-spaced orders with more than 20 pages) and complex papers gets easier with a new helpful service of progressive delivery offered by our company.

This Service Has the Following Advantages:

  • Tracking of the writing process by the customers throughout. The customers receive the paper in parts (drafts) * which they approve or send further comments until the deadline expires.
  • A longer timeframe for a free revision. The customers can apply for amendments within 30 days, while a free revision period for a regular paper is 48 hours).
  • Enhanced professionalism and expertise. Only the best writers and top editors handle the orders with progressive delivery.
  • Personal monitoring of the order. A personal manager will ensure individual control over the process, create all the conditions for effective communication between the writer and the customer, and guarantee that you will receive the paper timely.

The procedure of sending drafts is the following *:

  • orders with an urgency that does not exceed 4 days
    The customer gets one draft. It is received within half of the deadline. E.g., the paper is ordered with a deadline of 2 days; then the draft is sent not later than 1 day after the order is placed. The number of pages in the draft corresponds to 25 % of the complete paper. E.g., the customer will get a 5-page draft ordering a 20-page paper.
  • orders with the 5-11 day urgency
    The customer gets two drafts. They are received within 25% and 50% of the deadline. The number of pages in the drafts corresponds to 25 % and 50 % of the complete paper.
  • orders with an urgency that exceeds 12 days
    The customer gets three drafts. They are received within 25%, 50%, and 75 % of the deadline respectively. The number of pages in the drafts corresponds to 25 %, 50 %, and 75 % of the complete paper.

Service cost: +15% to the order amount.

*Would you like to change the schedule or procedure of getting your order? No problem at all. We can prepare a personalized plan for you according to your needs, preferences, and special features of the order. All you have to do is to discuss the details with the order manager.

1-page Summary of the Paper

An extra service of adding a summary to the paper implies having a brief presentation of the most important aspects in a one-page additional paper. If the customers anticipate being questioned on the research, it is advisable to have a summary page (300 words) to gain insight into all the questions.

Draft of the Paper

When the customer orders an additional draft service, they get a 300-word draft (1 page) if the paper is double-spaced and a 600-word draft (1 page) if the paper is single-spaced. The urgency of the draft is 50% of the total order deadline. Thus, a 2-day order will imply that the customer can expect the draft in 1 day.

Extended Revision

After the customers receive their papers, they can request necessary changes in the framework of a free revision period of 48 hours after the delivery of the paper. However, an extended revision service guarantees to have 2 weeks (14 days) as a period for free revisions!
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